People-Centric to Attract and Maintain Labor

Axis 85 is the future of industrial park life. Tenants and employees will thrive in our carefully crafted environment filled with ponds, walking trails, and beautiful landscapes. It’s clear humans are top of mind. Employees have a renewed sense of pride. They work harder and approach each day with intent. A park designed around people gives everyone a reason to stay.



By considering the needs of man we will…

  • Achieve higher retention rates based on overall occupational satisfaction.
  • Increase labor efficiency leading to lower costs.
  • Take air quality, noise level, and lighting into consideration.
  • More easily attract and maintain labor for our tenants.


By considering the outdoors we will…

  • Create a park-like environment.
  • Create a space inviting to tenants, employees and the community.
  • Incorporate walking trails.
  • Work with nature during development.
  • Give workers a reason to stay.
The Axis Promise
To always keep the needs of our tenants top of mind as we make sound, strategic decisions in order to build and maintain a positive, impactful, and beautiful environment in which your company and its people may thrive.
Be a part of industrial park evolution.
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