Large and Growing Workforce

Cherokee County qualifies for the maximum state incentives for businesses locating in South Carolina and is located in a federally designated Opportunity Zone.  It is home to a highly diversified industrial base and a growing skilled labor force with access to customized training from the state’s readySCTM program. Additionally, Axis 85 is less than two miles from Spartanburg Community College’s Cherokee Campus that offers a variety of Industrial and Trade Programs.


A Quality Labor Pool

Within a 30-Minute Commute

2018 Demographics 10 Miles (16 KM) 20 Miles (32 KM) 30 Miles (48 KM)
2018-2023 Population Growth Rate 0.50% 0.61% 0.65%
Median Age 39.9 39.9 40.6
2018 Households 64,497 322,860 634,781
2018 Population 24,381 125,337 245,252
2018 Businesses 1,770 10,194 18,613
2018 Employed Population 16+ 28,075 147,546 298,341
2018 Average Household Income $52,086 $56,596 $59,849

Wage Comparison (Annual Mean Wage)

Cherokee, Charlotte, Spartanburg, Greenville

Industry Cherokee Charlotte Spartanburg Greenville
Transportation & Material Moving $29,840 $34,760 $36,700 $35,510
Production $35,330 $37,150 $42,000 $35,510
Installation Maintenance & Repair $44,000 $47,890 $46,250 $44,810
Construction & Extraction $37,710 $41,100 $40,640 $41,170
Automotive $34,770 $38,027 $36,420 $35,126
Heavy Tractor Trailer Drivers $41,670 $42,660 $44,190 $44,130

Unbeatable Local Incentives

  • No state property local or inventory tax
  • No sales tax on manufacturing machinery, industrial power or materials for finished products
  • No wholesale tax
  • No unitary tax on worldwide profits
  • Favorable corporate income tax structure

Pro-Business Climate

  • Located in a federally designated Opportunity Zone
  • Corporate tax income credits
  • Exceptions and incentives offset property tax
  • Corporate income tax moratorium opportunity
  • Employment tax credits
  • Enhanced corporate headquarters credits
  • Select exemption from sales tax
  • Research and development credit
  • Property tax incentives
  • Sales tax exemptions and cap
  • Job development credit
The Axis Promise
To always keep the needs of our tenants top of mind as we make sound, strategic decisions in order to build and maintain a positive, impactful, and beautiful environment in which your company and its people may thrive.
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